Last night I couldn’t sleep…

I thought about the fact that I packed Macy a turkey sandwich even though she prefers a salad…the last time I talked to my dad.  I wonder if my husband feels alone.  My heart breaks for my dear new friend for the thousandth time.  My children are growing up too fast.  Does Tess know I love her.  The girls need new underwear…and I could be a better friend.
2015-04-06_0001My soul has worn thin.  I have never been a worrier.  And that’s why there is Spring Break.  Getting lost on the streets of Charleston.2015-04-09_0003I’m grateful for the times I’ve gone out of my mind…told Sawyer he was an asshole…made them all feel like I wasn’t proud and then cried because I was more sorry than I’ve ever been in my life.  They just smile at me and say it’s okay.  Because I’ve taught them well on the short comings of human beings.  And words are just words when your moms exhausted…and the insecurities on my own heart role in like an painful tide.  I’m so glad you all understand I am sorry.  Im so glad you guys understand I love you so freakin much. 2015-04-09_0006and my mom…I wished you didn’t come…and then a minute later I thank God you did.  I thank God you did.  And every batch of wild flowers we passed on the highway, and every horse drawn carriage that passed by…and when Beck said you guys should sit in the back on the ride home like you were his best friend.  I watched you watch my kids and would give anything to feel your happiness.  I am so thankful you had fun mom.  I’m so glad you came.  I’m so glad you came.  I’m so glad you came. 2015-04-09_0024

2015-04-09_00022015-04-09_00112015-04-09_00222015-04-09_00102015-04-09_00132015-04-09_00052015-04-09_0007Thank you my travel companions.  My best friends.
  1. Emily

    April 9th, 2015 at 7:36 pm

    Love love love this…your raw stream of thought…causes me to pause and embrace life

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