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My mom use to take us into New York City for the day.  We would take the train from Chappaqua.  The dirty sweet smell of public transportation..and my mom in a long tweed coat.   We would walk down the sidewalks of NYC making our way to FAO Swartz.  The NYC of my memories always smelled like warm pretzels and mustard.  I got to pick out a Monchichi doll.  Then, Nathan’s Hotdogs for lunch and Central Park to feed the pigeons

…the thing I remember most though.  It was freezing cold.  We watched as a man with a long grey beard tried to wrap himself in trash bags.  The bitter wind kept catching the bags and he grabbed at them with bony bare arms.  My mom handed me a ten dollar bill and gestered toward the  old man.  I walked the one hundred or so yards and held out the bill.

One of the most important roles of “memory” is to catalog the things that taught us the greatest lessons in life.  My mom filled my memories with kind gestures to those in need.

This drop in is about what we believe in…what’s important to us.  What is your call to action?